Smoking and tobacco resources

A list of resources – including apps, audio and video resources and other publications – about smoking and tobacco.



Kerry quit for her grandchildren

Kerry’s grandchildren told her they didn’t want her to die from smoking. She’s proud she gave up smoking.

Nicole quit for a healthy pregnancy

Nicole started smoking because she thought it was cool. Now she has a family, she has quit to be there for her kids.

Sam quit for a healthier future

Sam’s decision to quit helped inspire his dad, a long time smoker, to quit too. They did it for their health and their families.

My QuitBuddy app

My QuitBuddy is an app that helps you get, and stay, smoke-free. It provides helpful tips and distractions to overcome cravings, tracking systems to chart your progress and the facts to help you understand the impact smoking has on your health.

Danielle gave up for better health

Danielle gave up smoking for her children. She’s proud of her achievement of giving up smoking.

Top 3 questions – Healthy lifestyle choices

Professor Michael Kidd, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, discusses making healthy choices, and the small steps we can take every day to enjoy a healthy life.

Smoking and addiction

If you think smoking is just a bad habit. You’re wrong. Smoking is addictive and once it gets a grip on you, it’s difficult to quit. Watch this video on smoking and addiction for more information.

Josh quit for his family’s health

Josh’s decision to quit smoking had a lot to do with becoming a dad. He wants to be a good role model for his children.

Eliza quit for her son

Eliza’s willpower, determination and good support from friends and family helped her quit smoking.

Joel’s focus is on his future without smokes

When Joel quit smoking, he changed his lifestyle to make it as stress-free as possible.
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