What we're doing about smoking and tobacco

We lead Australia’s work on policies and laws to help reduce smoking rates in our community. We work with other organisations on initiatives and programs to help reduce tobacco-related harm.


Our national strategies guide our work to reduce smoking rates in Australia.

Tobacco control

We lead Australia’s work on the policies, programs and laws that reduce tobacco‑related harm in our community.

The Australian Government’s tobacco control work includes:

  • tobacco plain packaging and graphic health warnings
  • bans on tobacco advertising and promotion
  • campaigns and programs to reduce smoking
  • support for smokers to quit, including subsidising nicotine replacement therapies
  • policies to reduce the affordability of tobacco products
  • measures to prevent and minimise the illicit tobacco trade

Find out more about tobacco control.

Campaigns and initiatives

Our current campaigns and initiatives include:

Disclosure of cigarette ingredients

In 2000, we signed a voluntary agreement to disclose cigarette ingredients with the 3 main tobacco companies which operate in Australia.

Stakeholder engagement

We work with various organisations and experts to make sure we get our policies and priorities right. This includes working with government and  non-government organisations and experts in Australia and overseas to help us develop and implement tobacco control policies and initiatives.

Committees and groups

We are members of committees and groups that consider issues and make decisions regarding tobacco control and reducing tobacco-related harm. These include the:

Meetings between Health and the tobacco industry

There is a conflict of interest between the tobacco industry and public health policy. We only meet when needed to regulate the industry or tobacco products and we publish the details of these meetings in order to be transparent. Find out about meetings held with the tobacco industry.

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