About smoking and tobacco

Your starting point for information about tobacco smoking — what it is, how it affects you and the people around you, why quitting is the safest option, tobacco laws, and what we’re doing to reduce tobacco-related harm.

  • What is smoking and tobacco?
    When you have a cigarette, cigar or pipe, your body absorbs tobacco smoke. The smoke contains nicotine (an addictive drug) and other toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.
  • About e-cigarettes
    E-cigarettes are often sold as a way to quit smoking. But to date, there isn’t enough evidence to show that they help or are safe.
  • Are there safe smoking and tobacco options?
    Tobacco is always harmful. Find out why light, low-tar and filtered cigarettes aren’t any safer than regular cigarettes.
  • What are the effects of smoking and tobacco?
    Tobacco smoke damages almost every part of your body, increasing your risk of cancer and other diseases. It affects the way you look and feel, as well as your finances.
  • About passive smoking
    Breathing in the smoke from other people’s cigarettes is a serious health threat. Unborn babies, children and people with breathing problems are most at risk.
  • Smoking and tobacco laws in Australia
    Australia has laws, such as advertising bans and plain packaging laws, to help reduce smoking rates and tobacco-related harm.
  • What we're doing about smoking and tobacco
    We lead Australia’s work on policies, programs and laws to help reduce smoking rates.
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