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Cervical Screening Communications Toolkit

We have developed a ‘Cervical Screening Communications Toolkit’- spread the message and help save lives.

Don’t fool around with syphilis

A national campaign launches to raise awareness of the sexually transmissible infection (STI) syphilis and the current outbreak happening across Australia.

No shame in asking for an STI test

Healthy relationships and safe sex – that was the message this National Condom Day marked on 14 February. It’s also a good reminder there’s no shame in asking for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) check.

HIV diagnoses lowest in almost 20 years

HIV diagnoses in Australia is the lowest in almost 20 years due to increased prevention measures, earlier testing and treatment.

Multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea

Two cases of multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea have been recently detected in Australia. One case was diagnosed in Western Australia and a second case diagnosed in Queensland.
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