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Finding the right palliative care provider is an important part of getting the best care for you. There are different types of care providers and different locations where you can receive care.

There are different kinds of palliative care service providers. You may only need one or you may need a few.

palliative care provider is a health professional who cares for you if you have a life-limiting illness. This could include:

  • your local doctor (GP)
  • community nurse
  • physiotherapist.

specialist palliative care provider is health professional who has had extra training to give you specialist care if you have a life-limiting illness. These providers can provide that care in many settings including hospices or your home. These health professionals can include:

  • your cancer doctor (oncologist)
  • palliative care nurse
  • counsellor.

specialist palliative care service is a service provided by a team of specialist palliative care providers. This would be the team looking after all your needs and can include:

  • doctors and specialists
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational and speech therapists
  • psychologists
  • trained volunteers.

Where you receive your palliative care is up to you and your family, where possible. The costs of services are usually covered by Medicare but that may not always be the case.

Your doctor, community health centre, or local hospital can help with information on palliative care services in your area.

Palliative Care Australia has developed the National Palliative Care Service Directory. You can use the directory to find a specialist palliative care service near you.

You can also call the palliative care association in your state or territory for more information:


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