Medical and health students and trainees resources

A list of resources relating to medical and health students and trainees.

Latest resources

Health Workforce Data

Our Health Workforce Data site gives you access to reports and summary tables about the health workforce in Australia.

Transition of the Australian General Practice Training Program

This document is for training practices, supervisors and registrars to receive support payments through the new payment system. The new support payments will commence from semester 1 2023 and will be paid through a Services Australia payment system.

Bonded Medical Program – program update webinar #2 – 27 July 2021

This presentation was delivered at the 27 July 2021 Bonded Medical Program –Update Webinar: July 2021. The presentation includes frequently asked questions and answers.

National Medical Workforce Strategy 2021–2031

The National Medical Workforce Strategy has been developed to guide long-term medical planning across Australia. It has identified achievable, practical steps to build a sustainable, highly trained medical workforce.

The Bonded Medical Program – Legacy scheme participant information booklet

An information booklet for participants of the Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme or Bonded Medical Places Scheme considering opting in to the Bonded Medical Program.

Specialist Medical Colleges Roundtable Communique – 3 December 2021

This communique outlines discussions about the maldistribution of specialist doctors in rural and remote Australia and possible avenues to work together to resolve the issues.

The Bonded Medical Program – Prospective student information booklet

An information booklet for prospective students considering accepting a place in the Bonded Medical Program

Bonded Medical Program information sheet for universities

The statutory Bonded Medical Program came into effect on 1 January 2020. Since then, any students that have accepted a bonded place in a course of study in medicine have entered the Bonded Medical Program.

Bonded Medical Program information sheet

The Bonded Medical Program provides a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in a medical course at an Australian university, in return for a commitment to work in eligible regional, rural or remote areas for a specified period.

Bonded Return of Service System information sheet

The Bonded Return of Service System (BRoSS) is the Department of Health (Health) online system which will assist Bonded Participants to plan, monitor and manage their obligations under the Bonded Medical Program.
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