Bladder and bowel for young people

Bladder and bowel health problems can be an issue for young people. Find out what the main problems are and how to manage them.

About 1 in every 50 Australian teenagers experience some form of bladder or bowel control problem (incontinence).

The main bladder and bowel problems for young people are:


Bedwetting in young people is very common. 2 out of every 100 young people will have a problem with bedwetting. This may have been a problem since childhood.

There are a few things that cause bedwetting in young people:

  • your body making a large amount of wee through the night
  • your bladder only storing a small amount of wee at night
  • sleeping very deeply
  • it runs in the family

Some other conditions that make it hard to control bedwetting include:

Bedwetting in young people can be complex. You should talk to your doctor or a health professional with special training in bladder problems.

What can you do to help?

If you, or a young person you know, has incontinence, it’s important to get help rather than accept or hide it. Talk to your doctor or a continence advisor. Help is available.

There are some simple things you can do to help if you do have a problem:

For more help and advice you can see the Watertight booklet or visit Incontinence in Confidence.

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