What we’re doing about the aged care workforce

Discover what we’re doing to build, train, and support the aged care workforce.

Our role in the aged care workforce

We are working to build, train and support the aged care workforce by:

  • funding better and fairer wages to align with the complex work required
  • creating opportunities for new workers
  • building the skills of current workers
  • supporting providers to develop workforce management and culture, to prioritise valued, productive and skilled workers.

Building the workforce

We are building opportunities to expand the care and support workforce. This will allow more skilled workers to deliver safe, consistent, high-quality aged care services.

A wage increase recognises the value of aged care workers and the complex work they do. Attractive jobs and training pathways will encourage more workers to join the aged care sector. This includes more career options for:

  • women
  • First Nations people
  • regional Australians
  • culturally and linguistically diverse people.

A reliable, skilled surge workforce will also contribute to continuity of care in regional and rural areas.

Training and education

Our programs train new workers and advance worker skills to meet the needs of older people.

We are providing opportunities for Aged care staff to receive training in:

  • palliative care
  • dementia care
  • infection prevention and control
  • culturally safe, inclusive, respectful care.

Nurses and personal care workers can continue professional development and gain qualifications through:

  • online training
  • scholarships
  • recognition of prior learning.

Supporting providers

Everyone wants a work environment where they feel respected and supported.

We are helping providers to:

  • develop and improve worker skills
  • improve work culture
  • deliver safe, quality care.

Find out how we are helping providers build and develop a supportive, valued, and productive workforce.

Initiatives and programs

Learn about the various initiatives and programs for the aged care workforce.

Research and data

We provide funding for aged care workforce research. This gives us the evidence we need to improve the health workforce and provide quality care to older people in Australia.

We are also collecting data from aged care workers and providers to capture critical information about the aged care workforce.

Consultation and engagement

We regularly consult the public on matters relating to the aged care workforce. See our consultation hub for consultations related to the aged care workforce.


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