ICT and the aged care reforms

This webinar will outline the future information technology implications of the reforms for aged care providers.

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  • The Hon Greg Hunt, Minister for Health and Aged Care
  • Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck, Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services
  • Michael Lye, Deputy Secretary, Ageing and Aged Care Group
  • Daniel Keys, First Assistant Secretary, Information Technology Division
  • Helen Grinbergs, First Assistant Secretary, Service Delivery Division
  • Ross Hawkins, First Assistant Secretary, Reform Implementation Division

Webinar content

Aged care providers and software vendors and ICT companies involved in aged care information systems are encouraged to participate in the webinar.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) enable the delivery of better connected care and operational efficiency for providers. There is a need to bring together government and sector ICT systems to put senior Australians at the centre of care. A staged approach and roadmap for how to get there will be critical.

Together, solutions can be designed that are fit for purpose so that providers can efficiently keep up with their reporting obligations and spend their time looking after the senior Australians in their care. Providers will have a responsibility to put contemporary ICT systems in place to be able to transact with government. However, as changes are made, the Australian Government is committed to working with providers to support changes to ICT systems.

With this mind we are engaging early with aged care providers and software vendors as aged care reforms are delivered. This will help to ensure the sector can prepare their IT systems in readiness for the policy changes ahead. It will also support our goals for improving quality of care and moving to real-time reporting of data.

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