Review of the organ donation, retrieval and transplantation system – Final report

This report and statement complete phase 1 of a 2-phase approach to review Australia’s organ donation, retrieval and transplantation system. The 57 recommendations in the report will be considered during phase 2 — the development of the future national strategy.


Final report

All Governments' statement

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All Australian governments commit to Australia having the best systems in place to optimise organ donation and transplantation opportunities. The All Governments’ statement outlines this commitment.

The Australian Government proposed a review of the Australian organ donation, retrieval and transplantation system to:

  • examine pre- and post-transplantation services
  • identify barriers to equity of access to transplant waiting lists and transplantation services

In April 2018, COAG Health Council agreed. The Australian Government began work with states and territories on the review.

Ernst and Young have prepared the final report of phase 1 of the review. It identifies 57 recommendations and 3 key priorities for action:

  1. developing a national strategy to meet the expected increase in organ transplantation volumes
  2. improving governance to optimise future growth and sustain the donation, retrieval and transplantation system
  3. having a national approach to focus and improve organ donation and transplantation rates and outcomes among:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
    • Australians living in rural and remote locations

All Governments will consider the key findings and recommendations as part of developing a future national strategy. The strategy will be presented to the COAG Health Council for endorsement after consulting stakeholders.

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