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Overview report

Detailed report

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Publication date: 
August 2014
Publication type: 
Intended audience: 
General public

This report presents the first workforce projections published on the oral health profession. We present the report in 2 parts: 

Overview report – presents workforce planning projections for the total oral health workforce, along with a brief description of Australia’s oral health services and demand for those services, particularly among specific population groups: 

  • Children 

  • older people 

  • low income and socially disadvantaged people 

  • people with special needs 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 

  • people living in rural and remote areas. 

Detailed report – supports the overview and provides: 

  • Information on the methodology used to generate the workforce projections for individual oral health workforces. 

  • Workforce planning projection results for dentists, oral health practitioners (comprised of dental hygienists, dental therapists and oral health therapists) and dental prosthetists. 

  • Workforce profiles for each oral health workforce, including: a brief overview of their role and training pathway, presentation of information describing the number and characteristics of the existing workforce, a summary of issues expected to impact supply and/or demand for the workforce, and an assessment of existing workforce position (whether workforce supply matches demand for services or not).