Hepatitis B – CDNA National Guidelines for Public Health Units

These guidelines for Public Health Units provide nationally consistent guidance on how to respond to hepatitis B. They are part of a Series of National Guidelines (SoNGs) published by the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA).


Hepatitis B – CDNA National Guidelines for Public Health Units

Appendix 1 – Public Health Units checklist

Appendix 2 – sample case report form

Appendix 3 – information sheet

Appendix 4 – jurisdictional laboratories

Appendix 5 – template letter notifying clinicians

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These national guidelines give information about: 

  • the disease
  • prevention activities
  • surveillance objectives
  • data management
  • communications
  • case definitions
  • laboratory testing
  • case management
  • environmental investigations
  • contact management
  • special situations.

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