Providing aged care services to younger people

Aged care providers sometimes deliver services to younger people with a disability. Learn more about the NDIS and how it supports younger people to access services, and how to become an NDIS provider.

About the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to support people to live in the community or other settings that are suitable for their age.

If a person is under 65 years of age with a disability, they may be eligible to receive services through the NDIS. An eligible person must:

  • be an Australian resident (or equivalent)
  • be aged under 65 years
  • have a disability that is permanent and significantly affects their communication, mobility, self-care or self‑management

People can use the am I eligible checklist on the NDIS website to see whether they’re eligible. The NDIS website also has information about requesting access to the NDIS.

People with a disability under 65 years of age can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Residential aged care providers

If younger people in your care may be eligible for the NDIS, you may find these fact sheets useful:

These fact sheets contain information for younger people living in residential aged care about further supports available through the NDIS:

Home Care Package providers

The Home Care Packages Program helps older Australians with complex care needs to live independently in their own homes.

The NDIS for Younger People Receiving a Home Care package fact sheet provides NDIS information for younger people who currently receive a Home Care Package.

NDIS providers

You may need to become a registered NDIS provider if you wish to deliver additional supports through the NDIS for eligible clients in your aged care home. Find out how to become an NDIS provider on the NDIS website.

The Young People in Residential Aged Care – Information for Registered NDIS Providers fact sheet is for registered NDIS providers with younger people in their residential aged care facility.

Fees and payments

Fees and payments for younger people in aged care contact

If you're an aged care service provider, you can contact us for information about fees and payments while a younger person is in your care.

Read more about recent initiatives and projects for younger people in residential aged care.

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