Expansion of newborn bloodspot screening

We are expanding our newborn bloodspot screening (NBS) programs to increase the conditions we screen for. Find out more about these changes.

Expanding the program

We are expanding our NBS programs to increase the number and consistency of conditions we screen for across Australia. This is part of the Australian Government’s October 2022–23 budget measure to strengthen Medicare and rebuild primary health care.

We are working in partnership with states and territories, who deliver NBS programs through their hospital and pathology networks.

Key milestones

Key milestones this far include:

  • undertaking national, open consultation
  • getting national agreement on a list of conditions
  • supporting the assessment of existing conditions
  • referring 15 conditions for technical advice
  • offering funds of $25.3 million to states and territories to achieve consistency and support expansion.

Next steps

Immediate next steps include developing a national process to identify conditions. This will be a transparent and ongoing process. We will invite clinicians, advocates, families and other experts to share their knowledge and experience on potential conditions for the programs.

More information will be provided on this page as this process is formalised.


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