Expansion of newborn bloodspot screening

We are expanding our newborn bloodspot screening (NBS) programs to increase the conditions we screen for. Find out more about these changes.

Expanding the program

We are expanding our NBS programs to increase the number and consistency of conditions we screen. We are working in partnership with states and territories who deliver NBS programs through their hospital and pathology networks.

The Australian Government is investing $64 million from 2022–23 to 2027–28 to support expansion. $25.3 million of this investment is being provided directly to states and territories. This is part of the Australian Government’s October 2022–23 and 2024–25 Budget measures.

The expansion of Australia’s NBS programs will deliver:

  • a more consistent program that families can continue to trust
  • an increase in number of conditions screened
  • equitable screening and access, regardless of location
  • opportunities for the public to contribute to the process
  • a more open, transparent and accessible process to identify and consider conditions
  • a collaborative approach across states and territories that brings all Australian health ministers together.

To learn more about what expansion means for you, progress this far, and upcoming milestones, read our NBS expansion fact sheet.

Key milestones

Key milestones this far include:

NBS decision-making pathway

We developed the NBS decision-making pathway to support the NBS expansion.

States and territories independently deliver NBS programs. All jurisdictions and the Australian Government work together to consider which conditions we screen.

Through the pathway, all Australian health ministers consider advice on conditions from governance and advisory committees, including MSAC. They then collectively make decisions on whether to add new conditions to NBS programs.

For the first time in the history of Australia’s NBS programs, we have a clear pathway that promotes:

  • transparency
  • consistency and expanded screening
  • collaboration and efficiency.

The pathway will also maintain the safety of the programs and high-quality screening that is trusted by families.

To learn more, see the NBS decision-making pathway fact sheet. We have developed this resource to answer questions that you may have about the process.

Next steps

Immediate next steps include developing a national process to identify conditions. This will be a transparent and ongoing process. We will invite clinicians, advocates, families and other experts to share their knowledge and experience on potential conditions for the programs.

We will provide more information on this page as we formalise this process.


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