Rural Primary Care Stream

The Junior Doctor Training Program’s Rural Primary Care Stream provides funding for salary and educational support for junior doctors working and training in rural primary care settings.

About the Rural Primary Care Stream

The year after graduating from university, medical students need to complete an internship to gain general registration. Internships are mainly hospital based.

There is a large number of junior doctors working in the public hospital system in cities. They sometimes have trouble accessing pathways to further training in rural and remote regions.

The Rural Primary Care Stream helps fund training and supervision in rural primary care settings to ensure  junior doctors moving into these settings continue to provide high-quality care.


The Rural Primary Care Stream:

  • encourages junior doctors to work in rural general practice
  • creates new jobs in rural general practice
  • helps junior doctors working in rural general practices to gain fellowship by supporting their training and supervision.


The Rural Primary Care Stream supports junior doctors through 2 measures:

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