Support for people with symptoms attributed to tick bites

We are committed to supporting people with Debilitating Symptom Complexes Attributed to Ticks (DSCATT) and their healthcare providers.

Support for patients

We fund several projects and initiatives that support patients with tick bite–associated illness, including:

  • developing fact sheets on ticks, tick bite prevention and management, DSCATT, and tick-borne illnesses and allergies
  • supporting healthcare providers to deliver better health outcomes for patients.

Support for healthcare providers

We fund several projects and initiatives that support healthcare providers, including the development of:

  • an evidence-based DSCATT clinical pathway and multi-disciplinary care model for patients presenting with DSCATT. The clinical pathway helps doctors to make diagnoses and referrals for DSCATT patients. Relevant literature and key documents informed the clinical pathway. You can read the literature review underpinning the DSCATT clinical pathway.
  • guidance notes for health professionals. The guidance notes provide information on DSCATT and tick-borne diseases and describe the best-practice principles for tick prevention and tick bite management.


We also support research into ticks and DSCATT in Australia. See what we are doing about tick-borne diseases.

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