Tick bite diseases and symptoms attributed to tick bites

Some Australians suffer from the symptoms of a chronic debilitating illness, which many associate with a tick bite. We describe these people as having debilitating symptom complexes attributed to ticks (DSCATT). Find out how we support people with DSCATT.

Ticks and disease in Australia

Find out about diseases Australian ticks can carry.

Support for patients

How we support people with symptoms attributed to ticks.

Our work on tick bite–associated illnesses

What we are doing about ticks and related conditions.

Clinical pathway for health professionals

The clinical pathway supports doctors to make diagnoses and referrals for patients.

Public resources

Public resources

Management of tick bites in Australia

Strategies to administer first aid for tick bites.

Australian endemic tick-borne diseases – Flinders Island spotted fever

Epidemiology, prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Flinders Island spotted fever.

Paralysis from tick bites

Symptoms, causes, risk factors and prevention of tick paralysis.

Australian endemic tick-borne diseases – Queensland tick typhus

Epidemiology, prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Queensland Tick Typhus.

Health sector resources

Health sector resources

Tick-induced allergies: tick anaphylaxis and mammalian meat allergy/anaphylaxis Tick-associated toxicosis and paralysis

This document covers the evidence on the currently recognised severe tick-induced allergies.

Overseas-acquired tick-borne diseases: Lyme disease

This document provides evidence-based guidance for clinicians in community and hospital settings, as well as providing a reference source on DSCATT topics. This Guidance Note covers overseas-acquired Lyme disease.

Prevention and management of tick bites in Australia

This document covers prevention and management of tick bites for people living in Australia.

Introduction to ticks, Australian ticks and tick-borne diseases and illnesses

This document introduces the major concepts, issues and diseases and illnesses related to ticks, globally and in Australia.
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