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Real stories from ex-smokers to encourage you in your quitting journey.

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Kirra is very happy she quit

Kirra’s smoking made her asthma worse. She quit smoking so she can be a healthy mum for her kids.

Impacts of smoking

When you smoke, do you really know what it’s doing to you? Do you know how much damage smoking is doing to your whole body? Watch this motion graphic on the impacts of smoking for more information.

Michaela – Adelaide

Michaela got really unfit from smoking. Her advice to people that want to start smoking is that it's not cool to smoke.

Raymond saved money by quitting

Raymond saved over $100 a week by quitting the smokes. His lungs feel much better and doesn’t cough all the time now.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting smoking is different for everyone and some people need medicines to help them along the way. Watch this video on Nicotine Replacement Therapy for more information.

John-Henry feels better now he’s quit

John-Henry smoked five to six cigarettes a day and that was enough to make him less healthy. He gave up for a strong and healthy life.

Britney had a cancer scare

Britney started smoking at 14. After a health scare she knew she had to give up smoking.

Karlie found strength to quit

Karlie’s an Aboriginal educator and a role model to young Aboriginal children. This gave her the strength to give up smoking for good.

Ted says no to smokes

Many of Ted's work mates smoke, but he's given up. It can be hard for Ted, but he has support from the Aboriginal Quitline and My QuitBuddy app to help him stay smoke free.

Kerry quit for her grandchildren

Kerry’s grandchildren told her they didn’t want her to die from smoking. She’s proud she gave up smoking.

Sam quit for a healthier future

Sam’s decision to quit helped inspire his dad, a long time smoker, to quit too. They did it for their health and their families.

Smoking and addiction

If you think smoking is just a bad habit. You’re wrong. Smoking is addictive and once it gets a grip on you, it’s difficult to quit. Watch this video on smoking and addiction for more information.

Josh quit for his family’s health

Josh’s decision to quit smoking had a lot to do with becoming a dad. He wants to be a good role model for his children.

Eliza quit for her son

Eliza’s willpower, determination and good support from friends and family helped her quit smoking.

Kathleen quit for her baby and health

Kathleen smoked for 12 years but gave up as soon as she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t want her baby to be harmed by the toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

The Aboriginal Quitline helped Ted quit

Ted has given up with the help and support of the My QuitBuddy app and talking to Aboriginal counsellors on the Quitline. They help Ted say no when his band mates offer him a cigarette.
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