24/7 registered nurse reporting

As an approved provider of residential aged care, you must report each month on your registered nurse (RN) coverage for each residential facility.

Who must report

All residential aged care providers must report on the RN coverage for each facility each calendar month. You must report even if the facility has an exemption.

Reporting about the 24/7 RN coverage is a legal requirement.

What to report

You must report on:

  • each period of 30 minutes or more an RN was not onsite and on duty at the facility
  • the reason for each of these periods where an RN was not onsite and on duty
  • the alternative arrangements that were in place for each of these periods to ensure that the clinical needs of the care recipients in the facility were met, or provide a statement that no alternative arrangements were made.

When to report

You must complete and submit your report by 11:59pm AEST of the 7th day after the end of the calendar month.

You may enter data at any time before the report is due. For example, you may enter data daily, weekly or at the end of the calendar month.

You should submit your report before your monthly subsidy claim. This will allow Services Australia to pay any 24/7 RN supplement in the current claim cycle and include it in advance payment calculations.

If you submit a late report, you won’t receive any 24/7 RN supplement for the facility for which you may be eligible for that month.

How to report

Use the Government Provider Management System (GPMS) to report your RN coverage. 

You should ensure you have set up access to GPMS. You can log into GPMS and assign the new ‘Reporter’ role to staff who will be responsible for submitting your 24/7 RN report.

Failure to set up staff roles in GPMS may:

  • prevent you from being able to meet your reporting obligation 
  • impact payment of the 24/7 RN supplement (if eligible).

How we use your RN data

We will use the RN coverage data from your reports to:

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For technical support with reporting, contact the My Aged Care service provider and assessor helpline. 

My Aged Care service provider and assessor helpline

This helpline provides technical support to government-funded aged care service providers, assessors, and hospital staff using our reporting systems and portals. Call from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 10am to 2pm Saturday.

For assistance with reporting your residential care labour costs and hours data, email us.  

Aged care provider reporting helpdesk

Email us for assistance with Quarterly Financial Reports, Aged Care Financial Reports, and reporting your residential care labour costs and hours data.
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