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Read about the eligibility requirements for medical deputising services wanting to participate in the Approved Medical Deputising Services (AMDS) program and how to apply.


To be eligible to join the AMDS program, services must:

  • be a fully accredited medical deputising service
  • have operated for more than 12 months as a medical deputising service
  • be clinically governed by a medical director
  • not be co-located with a medical practice
  • operate a clinical triage protocol as defined in the program guidelines
  • operate for the entire Commonwealth defined after-hours period, and only in that period

How to apply

To apply, complete an application form, and submit it with:

  • a copy of the service’s accreditation report and certificate
  • a copy of the triaging plan for the service confirming the service satisfies the minimum capabilities set out in the program guidelines
  • evidence of a formal agreement with another AMDS if phone calls will be transferred.

We will assess your application against the program requirements within 28 working days.

If successful, you must enter into a deed of agreement with us, valid for up to 3 years.

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