What we're doing to reform aged care

We are putting practical measures in place to create an aged care system that is equitable, sustainable and trusted.

2023-24 Budget: Delivering aged care that is equitable, sustainable and trusted

The Australian Government is restoring dignity to aged care and ensuring older people are treated with the respect they deserve, to secure a strong and valued aged care workforce, design a new regulatory model, and embed new aged care assessment arrangements.

The 2023-24 Budget will address recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The Government is committed to working with older people, their families and carers, aged care providers and workers to deliver the aged care reforms and ensure implementation meets requirements. 

Trusted, safe and high quality care

We are building a skilled aged care workforce to deliver safe, consistent, high quality aged care for older people accessing services.

We are increasing care time for aged care residents, and refining program design to address issues that matter most to people receiving and delivering care.  

We will deliver an in-home aged care system to support older people to live independently at home, now and into the future.

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Ensuring equitable access

We want to make sure that older people receive the information, care and support they need, when they need it. We are assisting older people to access support through programs such as Care Finders, Trusted Indigenous Facilitators and Aged Care Specialist Officers, through My Aged Care. Funding for aged care services will be delivered in a way that is tailored to individual needs, and provides for short-term support when it’s needed.  

We are improving access to high quality care for First Nations elders and ensuring services are accessible on Country.

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Older people are at the centre

We want to improve the experience of older people by creating an aged care system that places them and their rights at the centre and supports choices about their care.

We are meeting the challenge with targeted programs and funding that reflects the true cost of care, and putting the respect and dignity of aged care residents front and centre.

The new Aged Care Act will focus on aged care residents and recipients, protecting the rights of older people in Australia in legislation through a statement of rights.

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Sustainable care for an ageing population

To provide sustainable care for an ageing population, we need to make sure funding is fair and equitable, and that digital innovations drive efficient services.

We are strengthening the sustainability and viability of in-home and residential care.

We are recognising the skilled work of Australia’s aged care workers and delivering the largest ever aged care worker wage rise.

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Measuring success in the sector

We are improving information to help older people make informed decisions about their care. We have increased provider reporting requirements to gain clear oversight of the financial health of the sector.

A stronger regulatory model and greater transparency through upgrades to Star Ratings and an uplift to food standards are also being implemented.

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