What is SDAP?

SDAP provides free support to eligible aged care service providers.

Panel members — qualified and experienced professionals — help providers to:

  • build their skills
  • improve the quality of their aged care services
  • provide culturally appropriate aged care

Who can apply?

If you’re an aged care service provider, you can apply if you meet one or both of the below:

  • You’re located in a remote or very remote area.
  • You provide services to a significant number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples anywhere in Australia.

This includes providers who offer:

Why is SDAP important?

Aged care service providers in rural and remote areas face challenges such as:

  • higher cost of providing services
  • limited access to professional services
  • lower supply of skilled workers
  • keeping up with changes to the aged care system

Extra support can help these service providers to maintain quality care and comply with standards and legislative requirements.

Support available

Panel members work with you to improve how you deliver and administer services. They do this through offsite mentoring and onsite training.

You can access support in 4 main areas — service delivery, sector support, financial management and project management.

Service delivery

This support helps you to comply with aged care legislation, quality standards and program guidelines. It can include help to:

  • review, improve and implement processes and procedures
  • develop culturally appropriate supporting documents
  • review and improve governance
  • recruit, train, retain and roster staff
  • plan care
  • identify and meet local aged care needs
  • claim for fees and supplements
  • improve nursing services
  • improve management

Sector support

This support helps you to reposition your business or adopt changes to the aged care system. It can include help to:

  • hold information sessions
  • run education and awareness activities suited to different service types and delivery models
  • plan and develop options to deliver a blended care model

Financial management

This support helps you to meet your financial obligations under aged care laws and program guidelines. It can include help to:

  • review and develop cost control, accounting, financial management, asset management and reporting processes
  • improve processes and procedures
  • train staff
  • develop a budget to maintain aged care services
  • analyse finances

Project management

This support helps you to comply with relevant laws including the Building Code of Australia. It can include help to:

  • review and assess buildings and infrastructure
  • scope building and infrastructure needs
  • develop, manage and deliver a project
  • develop and review building concept plans
  • develop funding proposals
  • project manage building works
  • engage with communities and stakeholders

Before you apply

Before you apply, review these resources to see if they can help you:

How to apply

To apply for SDAP support:

  1. contact your local Department of Health office to discuss your support needs
  2. read and complete the SDAP Application Form 
  3. send the completed form to the SDAP contact

After you apply

We consider applications based on need and available funding. We will let you know if you’re successful.

If successful, we will:

  • ask panel members for a quote
  • assess the quotes based on their ability to meet your needs and value for money
  • let you know who the successful panel member is

The panel member will contact you to discuss the project. 

Panel members

If you’re a panel member, read the Panel Member Booklet for information about your responsibilities and SDAP processes. The booklet is designed to be read with your Deed of Standing Offer.


Remote and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Aged Care SDAP contact

Email us if you have questions about the Remote and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel (SDAP).

sdap [at] health.gov.au

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Last updated: 
22 January 2020