What is the measure?

The Australian Government announced the Aged Care System Navigator in the 2018–19 Budget.

The measure is testing different models to help people understand and engage with the aged care system.

Why is the measure important?

The measure will help people to:

  • understand what aged care services are available to meet their needs
  • connect with My Aged Care
  • choose and access aged care services

The measure will focus on helping people who:

  • face barriers to accessing aged care
  • are vulnerable

What are the goals of the measure?

The measure aims to deliver 4 programs of trials that will test different models to inform future decision making.

How will we meet these goals?

The measure will deliver:

  • aged care information hubs to provide locally targeted information and build people’s capacity to engage with the aged care system
  • community hubs where older Australians support each other in navigating aged care and healthy ageing
  • specialist support workers to offer one-on-one support for vulnerable people
  • aged care Financial Information Service (FIS) officers to support people making complex financial decisions when entering aged care

Who works with us on the measure?

Services Australia delivered the aged care FIS officers trials.

A consortium led by COTA Australia is delivering the remaining trials.

Australian Healthcare Associates is evaluating the measure. Their evaluation is:

  • looking at the outcomes of the trials
  • reviewing other system navigator models
  • seeking stakeholder views
  • identifying aged care system navigator models to inform policy


The aged care FIS Officer trials started in October 2018 and concluded in October 2019.

The COTA Australia-led trials started in January 2019 and will conclude in June 2021.

The evaluation of the trials is ongoing and will conclude in February 2021.

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Last updated: 
21 October 2020