What we're doing about overweight and obesity

People put on excess weight for many reasons. Having systems and policies that encourage healthy eating and being active are critical. Find out what we’re doing to help Australians maintain a healthy weight.

Many connected factors lead people to become overweight or obese. Tackling such a complex issue requires a wide-ranging approach. Environment, social context, systems and policies all shape individual decisions.

We have many preventive health measures that support Australians to eat well and be active to reduce overweight and obesity.

Policy work

Our National Preventive Health Strategy will help improve the health of Australians over the next 10 years, including through encouraging an active lifestyle.

We are also working with state and territory governments on a National Obesity Strategy. This strategy will guide our work to reduce overweight and obesity across Australia over the next 10 years.

The development of the strategy has included:

  • National Obesity Summit – which brought together experts to look at the causes of obesity and what we can do about it
  • national consultation – which gave people and organisations a chance to tell us what they thought the strategy should cover.

We are now working with our state and territory colleagues to finalise the strategy.

We also:

Initiatives and programs

We fund initiatives and programs to help reduce overweight and obesity in Australia, by encouraging people to:


National research helps us understand the extent and causes of overweight and obesity in Australia. This enables us to develop policies and programs that are relevant and effective. National research includes the:

Who we work with

To reduce overweight and obesity in Australia, we work with the:

Last updated: 
29 July 2021

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