The role of the group is to:

  • monitor the operation of the MTAA Agreement
  • agree on data collection to help assess the MTAA Agreement
  • oversee the industry working groups
  • review the MTAA Agreement at its completion.

For full details, see the Terms of Reference.






Emeritus Professor Terry Campbell AM


Co-Chair Mr Maurice Ben-Mayor MTAA representative


Mr Ian Burgess

Chief Executive Officer, MTAA


Ms Adriana Platona

First Assistant Secretary, Technology Assessment and Access Division, Department of Health

If the core members agree, they can invite others to join the group as needed.


View the group's meeting communiques.

Industry working groups

As part of the agreement with the MTAA, the Government set up 3 working groups.

The work of these working groups has been paused due to the hibernation of the MTAA Agreement.

Revised Benefit Setting and Review Framework Industry Working Group

This group has been tasked to develop options for setting and reviewing prostheses benefits.

Quality of Information and Guidance Industry Working Group

This group has been working on improving the quality of information in the Prostheses List Guide and the Prostheses List Management System.

Cardiac Technical Support Services Industry Working Group

This group has been discussing options for funding of the technical support services for active implantable cardiac devices.


Prostheses List Reform Governance Group secretariat

Contact us for matters concerning the Prostheses List Reform Governance Group.

prosthesesreform [at]

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Last updated: 
16 December 2020