The Reformulation Working Group has now ceased. Its role was to set the priorities for the Healthy Food Partnership’s Food Reformulation Program, based on scientific evidence, to help Australians eat a healthy diet that is in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Activities included:

  • looking at existing reformulation initiatives and evidence of their success, in Australia and overseas, to build on their achievements  
  • assessing which nutrients, foods and categories should be included in both phases of the program
  • setting measurable targets for reformulation.


  • Vanessa Clarkson (Chair)
  • Fritz Meyer (co-Chair)
  • Trish Guy
  • Anne-Marie Mackintosh
  • Jacqui Webster
  • Michael Depalo
  • Julie-Anne McWhinnie
  • Clare Bleys
  • Xenia Cleanthous
  • Rivkeh Haryono.

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This working group reported to the Executive Committee.

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Last updated: 
21 June 2021