The graduates we are looking for

We are looking for recent graduates that are passionate about helping to develop and implement policies and programs that support the health and wellbeing of all Australians, now and in the future.

What we are looking for

Our ideal graduate:

  • is a collaborative communicator
  • is an analytical thinker
  • has an inquisitive mind
  • seeks out learning and innovation opportunities
  • values the diverse views, experiences and perspectives of others and how this strengthens our workforce.

We need graduates who:

  • are not afraid of a challenge
  • have strong analytical skills
  • have great organisational skills
  • have excellent communication skills
  • can work as part of a team
  • are resilient and adaptable
  • are prepared for issues that can be difficult but rewarding

Whatever your degree there are opportunities to apply your interests at Health and Aged Care and right across the Australian Public Service. We will invest in your development, take your degree and build a career with you that includes new experiences, education and skills.

What our graduates say

'I chose the Department of Health Graduate Program as I wanted a job where I felt good about the work I was doing and where I could continue to develop professionally. Also, Canberra was pretty appealing.

I had 3 rotations during the program with my first being in the Dementia Policy and Supports Section where I helped support the Minister by preparing briefs and correspondence, as well as working on policies and programs in the dementia space.

My second rotation was in the Performance Reporting Section. I was given the opportunity to work on writing the Department’s Annual Report. This was a giant task and involved editing and reviewing text for the document. I was also able to pursue a personal goal of improving the department’s performance evidence.

My final rotation was in the Analytics Projects and Futures Section. During the rotation I developed my coding skills while writing a text-mining program for analysing pharmaceutical documents.

You’re coming in as a graduate, but once you’re settled into a rotation, don’t hesitate in establishing yourself as a full and contributing member of the team. Have opinions and participate in conversations with your section, your fresh point of view is an asset not to be wasted.'

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