How to quit smoking and vaping

Your health will benefit when you stop smoking or vaping so find out what steps to follow in order to quit. Learn about different quitting methods and how you may feel during the process. Find out about support that's available to help you, or a friend or family member, quit smoking or vaping.

Smoking and vaping are addictive.

It's hard to stop, but with help and support, you can quit smoking and vaping.

Quitting nicotine can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, things a person can do. Many smokers and vapers say they would like to quit, and may have tried at least once. Some are successful the first time, but others try a number of times before they finally give up for good.

It might take time, it can be hard as your body has become dependent on nicotine, but many people have succeeded in giving up smoking and vaping. Become one of them by making a quit plan, using these steps:

  1. Why quit smoking?

    Understand why you want to quit smoking and learn about the health benefits.
  2. Why quit vaping?

    Understand why you want to quit vaping and learn about the health benefits.
  3. What quitting feels like

    Learn what quitting will feel like.
  4. Know your triggers

    Keep a quit diary to learn what makes you want to smoke or vape.
  5. Quitting methods

    Find out what tools and methods are available to help you quit.
  6. Make a quit plan

    Learn how to develop a quit plan that will work for you and write it down.
  7. Coping with quitting

    Understand what support is available to help you quit and stay smoke- and vape-free.

Maybe it's a friend or family member that needs to quit. Find out how you can help someone quit.

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