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Make STI testing your Beforeplay – campaign launched today

We have launched a new sexually transmissible infection (STI) campaign. The national advertising campaign aims to increase awareness, testing and prevention of STIs that are on the rise in young people.

Consultation open for development of the Fourth National Hepatitis B Strategy 2023–2030 and Sixth National Hepatitis C Strategy 2023–2030

We are seeking feedback from health professionals, researchers, community organisations and people living with or affected by hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

Young Deadly Free – Safe sex and sexual health

Practising safe sex is everyone's responsibility. Reduce the risk of infection by using condoms and getting regular sexual health checks.

Changes to HPV vaccine dose schedule for young Australians

From 6 February 2023 the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine schedule will become a single dose schedule. Catch-up under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) will also be extended to all Australians 25 years and under.

Cervical Screening Communications Toolkit

We have developed a ‘Cervical Screening Communications Toolkit’- spread the message and help save lives.

Don’t fool around with syphilis

A national campaign launches to raise awareness of the sexually transmissible infection (STI) syphilis and the current outbreak happening across Australia.

No shame in asking for an STI test

Healthy relationships and safe sex – that was the message this National Condom Day marked on 14 February. It’s also a good reminder there’s no shame in asking for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) check.
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