Australian Statistical Geographical Classification – Remoteness Area

Read about the Australian Statistical Geographical Classification – Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA) and how it helps determine the remoteness of an area in Australia. Find out how to search for areas classified under the ASGC-RA framework.

About the classification

The Australian Statistical Geographical Classification (ASGC) is a set of geographical data that can be analysed together for different purposes.

The ASGC determines seven levels of remoteness under the Australian Statistical Georgraphical Classification – Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA) structure.

In 2011, the Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Area (ASGS-RA) replaced the ASGC-RA.

From 1984 to 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics used ASGC-RA as a framework to define an area’s remoteness.

How we use it

Some health programs determine eligibility for their participants using the ASGC-RA.

International medical graduates can reduce the 10 year period of working in a Distribution Priority Area through moratorium scaling credits, which are based on the ASGC-RA.

Find locations classified under the ASGC-RA

To see areas classified under the ASGC-RA, search the Health Workforce Locator.

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