Strategic Agreement on Pharmacist Professional Practice

Learn more about the agreement between the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and Department of Health and Aged Care.

About the agreement

The Strategic Agreement on Pharmacist Professional Practice is between the:

The agreement will come into effect on 1 July 2024, and remain in effect until 30 June 2029

It outlines:

  • the Australian Government’s commitment to support the highest standard of professionalism in the pharmacy sector
  • required updates for the standards governing pharmacists in Australia to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

The agreement recognises the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia as the national peak body for pharmacists in Australia, and its central role as custodian for pharmacy practice standards, guidelines and ethics.

It also supports the central pillars of the National Medicines Policy 2022, which include:

  • equitable, timely, safe and reliable access to medicines and medicines-related services, at a cost that individuals and the community can afford
  • medicines that meet the required standards of quality, safety and efficacy
  • quality use of medicines and medicines safety.

Future reviews and reforms

Throughout the term of the agreement, there will be the review and update of professional pharmacists:

  • practice standards
  • guidelines
  • codes
  • competency frameworks. 

These reviews will support community pharmacists to operate to a consistent standard and at the highest level of practice.

Key milestones

We have jointly committed to a reform timeline with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. This timeline includes key milestones to develop, review and update a number of practice standards, guidelines, codes, and competency frameworks to support community pharmacy. 

These key milestones include the following by the end of each financial year: 

  • 2024-25: further develop the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists.
  • 2025-26: further develop the Clinical Governance Principles for Pharmacy Services, and pharmacy credentialling and accreditation systems.
  • 2026-27: develop implementation tools for the Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia, including:
    • Establishing an advisory group including relevant stakeholders in 2024-25.
  • 2028-29: to complement the Professional Practice Standards, develop:
    • implementation and support materials
    • quality and safety measures 
    • continuous quality improvement processes.
  • In 2028-29: Professional Practice Standards will be also be reviewed, updated and developed.

The agreement also commits to work across the term of the agreement including:

  • to maintain, review, update and develop practice guidelines for pharmacy services.
  • provide supports for pharmacists with implementing the Clinical Governance Principles for Pharmacy Services’ requirements.
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