Getting into the mental health workforce

Find out what different roles exist in the mental health workforce. Hear from mental health professionals about how rewarding a career in mental health can be.


Mental health professionals all have different skills to support people with mental health conditions. Some have undergone years of study and training, others have lived experience of mental ill-health.

Each mental health professional’s role is different, and can include:

  • diagnosing mental health conditions
  • treating mental ill-health using different types of psychotherapy and counselling
  • prescribing medications
  • involving themselves in education or in organising care for people who have complex mental health needs.

Even within the same profession, different professionals can have different skills, specialties and different styles. One psychiatrist may specialise in schizophrenia, another may specialise in eating disorders. Some counsellors specialise in a particular area, for example, drug or alcohol abuse, family therapy, or anxiety and depression.

Hear from professionals about their experience

Watch the video interviews from people in different mental health professions about what it’s like working in various roles in the mental health workforce.

Further education and training

Find out more about which different levels of training and qualifications required for mental health professionals on mental health workforce in Australia. Learn about how to start your career in mental health.


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