Private Hospital Data Bureau (PHDB) data

Private hospitals must submit PHDB data to us. Find out what PHDB data is, what its uses are, who collects the data and has access to it and how private hospitals submit the data.

What PHDB data is

Private hospitals submit data about each episode of admitted hospital treatment. PHDB data includes treatments paid for by:

  • individuals
  • private health insurers.

PHDB data contains de-identified information about:

We have been collecting this data since 1997.

Uses of PHDB data

We use PHDB data:

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority uses PHDB data when it calculates the national efficient price (NEP) for hospital services. The NEP informs the amount of Australian Government funding for public hospitals in Australia.

Who collects PHDB data

We collect PHDB data directly from private hospitals.

How private hospitals submit PHDB data

New private hospitals must contact us to get an account created.

Private hospitals must submit their PHDB data through our Data Submission Portal and it is stored in our Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Hospitals must submit data every month, within 6 weeks of a patient being discharged.

Data specifications for the files you need to upload are included in our hospital data collection.


Hospital data collection

Hospital data resources

This collection contains resources to help hospitals meeting their data reporting requirements. It includes data specifications, a user guide and annual reports.

PHI circulars

See our PHI circulars for any updates about PHDB data.


Hospital data management contact

Contact us for account creation (for new hospitals) and help with submitting Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP) and Private Health Data Bureau (PHDB) data.
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