Health technologies and digital health

Health technologies play a role in nearly every area of health. Using digital information and modern communication technologies effectively is vital to the future of our health system.

About health technologies and digital health

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What we do

Read about our role and responsibilities in the areas of health technologies and digital health.

Health technology assessments (HTAs)

Learn how we use HTAs to assess the value of medicines, vaccines, medical devices and medical services.

Reform and reviews

Find out about current HTA reforms and reviews.

Related initiatives and programs

Related initiatives and programs

2020–25 National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA)

Signed by all Australian governments, the 2020–25 Addendum to National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA) aims to improve health outcomes for all Australians and ensure our health system is sustainable.

Australian Digital Health Agency

Our portfolio agency, the Australian Digital Health Agency, aims to improve health outcomes for Australians through the delivery of national digital health services and systems.

See its site for details on how to use services like My Health Record, telehealth, electronic prescriptions and more.

Visit the agency's site