What we're doing about health data and medical research

Health and medical researchers rely on funding to continue their important work. Find out about research we fund and data we make available.

Research we fund

We fund health and medical research through: 


The MRFF is a research fund set up by the Australian Government in 2015. In December 2023, it grew to $22 billion. The net interest from the fund pays for important health and medical research projects. 

One area the MRFF funds is research into antimicrobial resistance, one of the biggest threats to human and animal health today.  

Biomedical Translation Fund

The Biomedical Translation Fund invests in companies to help them turn medical research into products and services.  

Data we make available

We work with partner agencies (including Service Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) to make our data available for health and medical research. Contact these agencies directly to access our data. 

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