Other health research and data we use

Using research and data helps us create sound health policies and programs for Australia. Find out about the research, data collections and collaborations that inform us.

We use a wide range of other research and data in our work, such as population health data

Health data and medical research provide evidence to help us develop policies and programs. 

Longitudinal population health studies

Longitudinal population health studies research the health of large groups of people over time. Research we use includes: 


Surveys are a type of research that ask people questions about themselves. The results give insight into people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours on health issues. Research we use includes: 

Data collections

We use a wide range of data collections to develop health policies. Data collections we use include: 


Clinical quality registries (CQRs) collect data on treatment and quality of life from patients, clinicians and hospitals. This is to develop standards of care and see if there are significant variations in care to address.  

This data improves the safety of patient treatment. It also supports good patient care and clinical improvement.  

We fund a range of CQRs that operate in a variety of domains. These include in trauma, orthopaedics and heart disease. 

Learn about our National Clinical Quality Registry Program.

Research centres we work with

Research centres collaborate to find new ways to treat and prevent health conditions. Research centres we work with include: 

International collaboration 

By working with other health organisations, we all have up-to-date data. Organisations we work with are: 

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