About environmental health in Australia

The environment we live and work in affects our health. We work with other Australian Government agencies, state and territory governments and other organisations to manage environmental health.

Environment and health 

The environment we live and work in can affect our health. It can cause or worsen many medical conditions, including: 

  • allergies and asthma
  • lung and respiratory diseases
  • heart disease
  • some types of cancer. 

Clean drinking water, good hygiene, effective pest and disease control, and good housing are all important to our overall health.  

Who manages environmental health in Australia 

We share responsibility for managing environmental health with: 

  • other Australian Government agencies 
  • state and territory governments  
  • independent bodies. 

These include: 

Every 5 years, the DCCEEW releases the State of the Environment report, covering environmental and heritage conditions, trends and pressures. The report covers the Australian continent and its external territories, as well as surrounding seas. 

State and territory environmental health management 

State and territory governments generally manage local environmental health issues. These include smoke, chemicals, toxic minerals and other materials that can affect the quality of our air, food and water supply.  

Learn more about each jurisdiction’s activities: 

Environmental health topics

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