Cancer initiatives and programs

A list of initiatives and programs relating to cancer.

Initiatives and programs

Alternative access to bowel screening kits guide

From 31 October 2022, providers can bulk order and issue kits to eligible patients through the National Cancer Screening Register. Read this short guide on the alternative access to kits model before you order kits for the first time to help you implement and promote screening in your practice.

Australian Brain Cancer Mission

The Australian Brain Cancer Mission is investing $136.66 million to support research into brain cancer. It aims to double the survival rates and improve the quality of life of patients with brain cancer.

BreastScreen Australia Program

BreastScreen Australia is a joint initiative of the Australian and state and territory governments and aims to reduce illness and death from breast cancer by detecting the disease early. Women over 40 can have a free mammogram every 2 years and we actively invite women aged 50 to 74 to screen.

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program aims to reduce deaths from bowel cancer by detecting the early signs of the disease. Eligible Australians from 50 to 74 years of age are sent a free, simple test that is done at home. Find out how the program works and how to do the test.

National Cancer Screening Register

The National Cancer Screening Register records personal data from our cancer screening programs. We govern the National Cancer Screening Register under strict protocols to ensure your personal information is safe.

National Cervical Screening Program

The National Cervical Screening Program reduces illness and death from cervical cancer. Women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 74 years of age are invited to have a Cervical Screening Test every 5 years through their healthcare provider.

National Cervical Screening Program – Healthcare provider toolkit

This toolkit helps healthcare providers engage under-screened and never-screened women in cervical screening, and support them if they choose to participate.

National Indigenous Bowel Screening Pilot

This pilot program aimed to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to do the bowel screening test. It provided resources for families and communities, and primary health care professionals participating in the pilot program.

Population-based health screening

Australian governments run a number of health screening programs that look for early signs of certain diseases. These population-based programs are offered to everyone in defined target groups. Screening helps reduce the risk of Australians developing or dying from these diseases.
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