Providing aged care services

We offer funding to approved providers of aged care services. Learn about provider responsibilities, types of services, funding and fees, the aged care workforce and where to find training, guidance and resources.

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Types of services

Aged care services can be delivered in a home, community or residential aged care home setting.

Read about the different types of services and how to deliver them as an aged care service provider.

Provider responsibilities

To become an approved aged care provider, you must:

  • get approval to provide services
  • register for payments
  • get yourself set up on My Aged Care
  • understand your responsibilities.

Learn more about becoming an aged care provider and meeting your responsibilities.

My Aged Care for providers

Aged care service providers must use the My Aged Care service and support portal to:

  • manage information about service
  • manage referrals
  • update client records
  • generate reports
  • ask an assessor to review a client’s support plan.

Learn more about the assessor and service and support portals and how to use them.

Quality obligations for providers

All aged care service providers must deliver quality care and services.

Find out what this means for you as a service provider and how we are improving the quality of life for aged care recipients.

Funding for providers

We pay service providers to deliver aged care through:

  • subsidies and supplements 
  • capital grants for aged care services
  • program funding.

Learn about how aged care funding works.

Charging fees

We fund approved aged care providers, to help with the cost of meeting specific care needs.

People who receive Australian Government-subsidised aged care also contribute if they can afford to.

Learn about the fees you can charge as a service provider, specific to each program.

Working in aged care

The aged care workforce is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. There are many job opportunities and a variety of roles in the sector, including nurses, personal care workers and health practitioners.

Learn about the aged care workforce, options to join the sector and what we are doing to build, train and support aged care workers and providers.

Training and guidance

Learn about the training and guidance available for aged care providers, workers and the sector. This includes:

  • initiatives to grow and upskill the workforce
  • emergency planning
  • working with diverse groups
  • managing infectious diseases.

Support for service providers

Find out how we are helping service providers build and develop a supported, valued and productive aged care sector.


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