Support at Home reform research – webinar

This webinar shares findings from Boston Consulting Group’s recent research into the home care provider market.

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  • Trish Clancy – Boston Consulting Group
  • Sarah Thom – Boston Consulting Group
  • Allison Blake – Boston Consulting Group
  • Nick Morgan – Assistant Secretary, Support at Home Reform Branch
  • Julia Atkinson Director, Support at Home Policy Section

The webinar is for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), Home Care Package (HCP),  Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) and residential respite providers.

Topics discussed

Overall Readiness

  • Provider sentiment toward reform
  • Current readiness of the sector
  • Provider concerns and impacts of reform

Current Capability

  • Market positioning
  • Consumer relationships
  • Workforce management
  • Governance
  • Financial
  • Administration
  • IT and systems

Reform Perspectives

  • Dedicated care management
  • Find, book and pay marketplace
  • Independent assessments and reassessments
  • Quality and safety standards


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