Quarterly Financial Report – Declaration and submission

The Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) declaration and submission video, is designed to familiarise and support aged care providers to efficiently complete their QFR declaration and submit their QFR in the new QFR application on GPMS.


This video will show how to complete and upload the Declaration required for submission of your QFR

If there are any sections of the form that are incomplete, you will be prevented from downloading the declaration. Review the side bar status icons to confirm all sections are complete before proceeding.

The declaration must be signed by the appropriate authorised officer for your organisation type. This will be checked as part of the quality assurance processes and your QFR will be reissued to you if the declaration is not completed or signed correctly.

The most common errors made are related to completing the declaration so please review the requirements for signing the declaration to confirm the correct authorised officer signs.

You need to use a new template each submission – including if you are asked to resubmit your form.

Select the ‘download declaration button and open the file.

We encourage you to develop your own internal processes for how you have your signatory review the submission and sign the declaration.

Before you can upload the signed form back into the application, use the dropdown button to assign the document category as ‘QFR’ and the document type as ‘Declaration’.

Click on the ‘upload declaration’ button and select your file or drag your file into the grey upload box.

It may take a moment for the system to scan the file for virus’ and you will be notified by the successful upload message once the check is complete.

You are now able to submit the report by selecting the ‘submit’ button.

Thank you for watching, we have more videos and other guidance material available on our website.

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