Pregnancy and alcohol – a woman's perspective (Alex)

Alex, a new mother, shares her views about health professionals speaking to women about alcohol and pregnancy. This video is a part of the Women Want To Know initiative.


I don't think I'd feel embarrassed if the doctor was to talk to me about alcohol or smoking or anything. That's what I would hope that my doctor would talk to me about that, that's what I need for her to tell me otherwise I'm not going to know.

I would really want to know , you know, the facts and the figures and all the information possible about alcohol and just knowing that alcohol is, you just don't have it while you're pregnant... to save risk to your child.

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In this video, Alex shares her views about health professionals speaking to pregnant women about alcohol. Alex is a new mother. 

She talks about how she would:

  • not feel embarrassed about talking to her doctor about alcohol and smoking while pregnant
  • hope her doctor talks to her about alcohol and pregnancy and gives her the facts and figures

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