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Well, research has shown that pregnant women want to know about alcohol and pregnancy, and as GPs it's our responsibility to give them the most up-to-date, correct information.

I have no problems with bringing up, ah, to someone who is pregnant, if they smoke, if they've previously smoked, and similarly alcohol will be the same.

The Guidelines have changed and not everyone is aware of it. Women have often had misinformation, what they think is misinformation, or they've had information from people who have previously been pregnant when the Guidelines were different. The Guidelines have changed.

Every woman wants the best for her pregnancy and for her baby so it's a very important thing to bring up as a GP or as any doctor as to what to do and how much women are drinking.

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In this video, Barri Phatarfod shares her views about health professionals speaking to pregnant women about alcohol. Barri is a GP. 

She talks about how:

  • research shows that women want to know about alcohol and pregnancy
  • GPs are responsible for giving women up-to-date and accurate information
  • all doctors should discuss with women how much they’re drinking and what they should do
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