Making a health plan for winter

This video, in English, provides information on the increased spread of flu during the winter months and the importance to prepare a winter plan and have it in place should you get sick


Why should I make a health plan for winter? Viruses are spreading more in winter as we're spending more time indoors. There will be the flu and the COVID-19 in the community this winter, and having a winter health plan will help you know what to do and who can support you if you get the flu or COVID-19. This is important because you won't be able to do the usual things that you can do. For example, you won't be able to easily get health care or medication or your usual supports or even your groceries. A good health plan will help you and the people who support you just stay in control of these things.

How can I make a health plan? It's important that your health plan is about you and your health needs. Make an appointment with your GP to discuss what what should be in your health plan. This may include what you can do to avoid getting flu and COVID-19, what vaccines you should have before winter. What treatments are available if you do get sick and how you can access healthcare if you get sick. There are also some things you should include in your plan. Who you should tell if you get sick and how you will get the things you need, if you cannot leave home. You should also talk to a disability support worker about how they can support you if you get sick. The person centered emergency planning guide can help you plan for if you get COVID It's also an easy version of this guide available, so you can complete this on your own or with somebody who you really trust.

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