Coronavirus (COVID-19) Easy Read resources

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Fact sheets and guides about COVID-19 in Easy Read format to help you stay informed.


COVID-19 treatments and winter preparedness Q&A series with Dr Nick Lennox

Available treatments for COVID-19

Making a health plan for winter

Flu and COVID-19 vaccination

General information on coronavirus

COVID-19 medicines – Easy read

Coronavirus: What is it? – Easy Read

Coronavirus: What you need to know – Easy Read

Coronavirus: frequently asked questions – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Information for people with disability and their supporters – Easy Read

COVID-19 vaccination information

COVID-19 vaccination – Easy Read resources

Preventing the spread of coronavirus and staying safe

When you have to isolate with COVID-19

What to do if someone you live with has COVID-19

What to do if you get COVID-19

Coronavirus: 5 things to do right now – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Social distancing – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Staying at home – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Wearing a mask – Easy Read

About the COVIDSafe app – Easy Read

Looking after your health

Looking after your health during coronavirus – Easy Read

If you think you have coronavirus – Easy Read


Rapid Antigen Test Concessional Access Program – Easy Read

How to do a rapid antigen test with your saliva – Easy Read

How to do a rapid antigen test from your nose – Easy Read

Emergency planning

Your emergency plan for COVID-19 – Easy Read

Phone numbers you can call to get help

Coronavirus: Who can you call? – Easy Read

The plan for keeping people with disability safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our plan for keeping people with disability safe – Easy Read

Supporting people in group homes – Plain English guide

What is happening in my home – Easy Read Guide

More information for people with disability

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5 August 2022
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