Introducing the Aged Care Council of Elders

Video Introducing the Aged Care Council of Elders.


Hello, hi, hi, hello, hello, hello, hi, hello, hi, hello, hi, hi, g’day. We are the council of elders. Our job is to listen to you about what really matters. When it comes to ageing and aged care and our job is to share what we hear so that government can better design aged care and aged care providers can deliver better care and support. Services that meet your needs, care and support that is all about you. We have diverse backgrounds, skills, and areas of interests. We come from all around Australia, we want to talk to as many people as possible and be a voice for senior Australians. You can get involved by going to the aged care engagement hub or call my aged care.

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The Council of Elders are a group of 14 older Australians with diverse backgrounds and lived experience.

The council is here to help shape the age care system by informing older Australians about the aged care reforms and providing advice from older Australians to the Government about age care reform and ageing well.

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