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South Western Sydney Primary Health Network (PHN) has published a booklet - A Journey into Sorry Business - which provides culturally appropriate and respectful information to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the raft of palliative support services which are available in the area.


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What we've been able to do with funding from the Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure is produce this booklet that's culturally appropriate and specifically for the Aboriginal people of our region.

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I remember having my first meeting with Ann Harley from the PHN. The idea was to then promote the Journey into Sorry Business. I had a concept, but working in partnership with the PHN to develop something that would meet the needs of the community. Because it did actually come from ground roots and it came from the community. 

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So the journey into our business booklet was a very empowering opportunity for all the stakeholders  involved both internally and South Western Sydney PHN but also externally, and has became an opportunity to expand and enhance the model developed here. There was developed in partnership with the Gandangara  Aboriginal community.

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Gave me the opportunity to to educate other services around sorry businesses within our community and be the voice for my community in actually what they wanted when it comes to sorry business ways, our beliefs.

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So the Journey to Sorry Business booklet idea came after some consumers, patients and community members had approached our organisation, sharing their challenges in understanding how the complex health care system works, especially when it comes about care planning, their wishes at the end of life. And for First Nations people, this could be even more complex due to the cultural significance, ritual and ceremonies that might be involved into the journey, into the dreaming, in the sorry business.

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The feedback that I have had from families and community is that the information, the content of this booklet is very useful. It is actually a guide for a family that has no idea what to do when sorry business is upon them.

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I'd like to acknowledge the Tharawal people, the true custodians on the lands on which I speak to you today. I pay my respects to elders past and present and those emerging.

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