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The Precious Time: an end of life directory is a unique website developed by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (PHN) to help patients, family, friends and carers access a range of palliative care and support services in a meaningful and holistic manner.


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I mean, the fantastic thing about Greater Choices at Home Palliative Care program is that the Federal Government has really invested in local solutions to support local communities, to improve their experience of the end of life and ideally give people a better chance of making the choice that works for them to die in their place of choice.

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Australia, like many Western countries, is not death or grief literate. It's something that we tend to push to the side that we tend to not really talk about it unless we absolutely have to.

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So I think the benefits of Precious Time to our community is trying to have a resource in one place that enables them to be able to identify whether it's resources to access health services; whether it's social, cultural or financial supports. It brings everything together to make that easier for people at one of the most difficult times in their lives.

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Participating in the Dying Well Community Forum, it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. As I'm talking right now, my heart is just full. It's just having a conversation about death and dying and how we can die, well, was an unbelievable experience for me and for those additional 26 members of the community.

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We were trying to strike a balance with Precious Time and designing a resource that meets the needs of our population and community as a whole. But it's really important that we identify and make sure that for particular population groups that perhaps don't always have good access to information, to support them in their service access regardless of when they're needed, but most importantly, at this point in their life, the end of life care and palliative care.

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So one of the resources on the Precious Time website is, you know, hard questions and conversation starters, both for people with an end of life diagnosis as well as friends and family. There are actually - there's practical advice. There's a whole sort of hub on the website about the kinds of questions that need answering and the kind of ways in which you can start those conversations.

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And I'm so happy that the Primary Health Network is delivering on the recommendations that were given during the Dying Well panel. I'm so glad that we are actually having that because it will actually make a huge difference not only for carers but also for the people dying. It's basically during the process and beyond. Yeah, I'm really excited about that. Really excited and grateful that we have this resource.


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