Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care Program – Brisbane South PHN

The Brisbane South Primary Health Network is using funding from the Australian Government’s Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care program to improve safe and effective end of life care outside of hospital settings.


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We were one of a handful of PHNs that responded to the Greater Choices at Home Program. We have always been as a PHN focused on older persons care and Greater Choices was a natural extension of what we've been previously doing in terms of the work with residential aged care facilities and indeed the pathways with our primary care practices.

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The program that I was involved in with Brisbane South PHN was about increasing capacity and awareness of the advantages of community-based palliative care for all the people in the PHN catchment area using the funds provided by the Greater Choices program.

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It's important for people to recognise that the funding from the Greater Choices was actually isolated funding for the purpose of having two specific workers focus solely on palliative care and the coordination of the services and of the stakeholders could actually have dedicated focus to it, which is something that's been needed in the sector for a very long time.

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What we were trying to achieve was to increase confidence and knowledge within within general practices that actually volunteered to be a part of this project so that we could increase our confidence and knowledge in the delivery of palliative care for their patients, particularly those people who wanted to stay at home. And what we know is that most Australians say if they became very sick and they were dying, they'd prefer to be at home.

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I did receive an email from one of the practice nurses who had participated in the mentorship program to say that the visit to the Logan Palliative Care Service was the allocated CNC was very helpful for her. One of the things that she had mentioned was that she's often the person that is actually having the hard conversations in general practice with families around complex issues, aged care and navigating palliative care services or My Aged Care.

However, through the off-site visit to the palliative care service in Logan, she was able to understand how to better tackle these conversations and also how to navigate the conversations in a much more meaningful way that could support not only her professional role to enhance every day, but also the families that she serves every day as well.

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What a wonderful career you can have in supporting those who, through their own choice, are actually passing away in their arms and the embrace of their loved families.

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