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The Adelaide Primary Health Network (PHN) introduced Advance Care Plans in Residential Aged Care Facilities in 2018 to document and improve care from the moment a resident enters a facility right up until their final journey through life.


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So the needs assessment process that we undertake annually had identified that there weren't a large proportion of older people in residential aged care facilities who had an advanced care plan. The Greater Choice program enabled us to work with residential aged care facilities, staff and residents and families to have more people have a plan ready for when the time came.

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So Greater Choice for at Home Palliative C are developed a model of residential care, and we looked at rolling that out into the community. Evidence shows us that very few people have an advance care directive. We are very death defying community and nobody wants to talk about death or about their health care wishes if their health should decline.

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But I think the greater choice program enabled us to provide training and education tools, resources for people who are working in this space so that they felt that they had the handbag full of things that they needed that were going to support them to have these difficult conversations.

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The Great Choice project has been such an amazing project for our organisation because it's allowed all our residents to feel so totally empowered about talking about death and dying. And that has been for that generation - that has been such an amazing experience for them. And it's also created a really good atmosphere at work where when someone is dying or someone is deteriorating, that everyone's understanding that this is a natural process and that people feel confident to look after that person.

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The Greater Choice program enabled us to assist care staff and registered nurses to think really broadly about what what they needed to consider to help families support their loved one through this process.

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The Greater Choice for at Home Palliative Care Program through the Adelaide Primary Health Network has has been an amazing opportunity for me to be able to share my knowledge, to be able to support, mentor, coach and teach others within the sector.

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The most valuable thing for me is that people have  a really beautiful death and they die with dignity and they die with the choices that they have inspired to through their advance care planning. So it's been it's been really amazing.

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Well, I think all of us have the experience of having loved ones die and some of us are fortunate to have that as a a good experience and for some not so. And I think we're in the fortunate position, particularly through the Greater Choice program, to be able to assist more and more families and people to have the best experience possible at what is such an important period for families.

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